Learning Well

Learning Well was developed by staff and pupils at Long Meadow School in order to differentiate our previous focus on BUILDING LEARNING POWER. It is divided up into 6 sections and one learning skills section is focused on in a half term.

The learning skills included in each half term are:

Autumn A      Collaborate – Learning Together

Autumn B      Communicate – Listen Talk and Write

Spring A         Solve Problems – Find Out!

Spring B         Create – Have ideas

Summer A     Perseverance – Keep Going

Summer B     Reflect – Thinking

These skills are focused on during lessons and the children choose a piece of evidence which reflects their learning focus for the half term to go into a Learning Journey Book. This book progresses with them throughout their time at Long Meadow. At the end of every year the children are able to assess their key learning skills and identify what they need to focus on in the next academic year.