Early Years Learning, News & Information

Early Years Learning – Week Beginning 13th July

Literacy Resources – 13th July

Things that make me happy

Spreading my wings to Year 1

My memorable moment

Old class New class

In Summer I am looking forward to





Project Resources – 13th July

Origami Butterfly Activity

Nature photo frames – Activity

Seaside In A Bottle – Craft Instructions

Paper Plate Sun – Craft Instructions

Ice Cream Cone -Craft Instructions

Hand Print Sunflowers – Craft Instructions

Sunflower fork painting – Summer art activity

Summer Printable Pinwheel

Maths Resources – 13th July

Presentation – Kilograms or Grams

Lesson Plan – Kilograms and Grams

Success Criteria – Kilograms and Grams

Weight Challenge Cards

Light or heavy – powerpoint

Complete the scales – Activity sheet

Activity Sheet – How Many Grams

Activity Sheet – Making a Kilogram

Area Overview

PlanIt Maths User Guide

Additional Summer ART Ideas

Paper Plate Crab Craft Instructions

Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions

Fish Craft Instructions

Handprint Flying Superhero Craft Instructions

Handprint Mermaid Craft Instructions

Seaside In A Bottle Craft Instructions

Ice Cream Cone Craft Instructions

Paper Plate Sun Craft Instructions

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Handprint Craft Instructions

Paper Bowl Ladybird Craft Instructions

Incy-Wincy Spider Prop Craft Instructions

Fingerprint Minibeast Garden Craft Instructions

Paper Bowl Bee Craft Instructions



Early Years Learning – Week Beginning 6th July
Literacy Resources – 6th July
dinosaur recipe
news report
pants poem
underpants design
peg making instructions


Project Resources – 6th July
Volcano art ideas
Design your own pants – activity sheets
Gymnastic Challenge Cards


Maths Resources – 6th July
2D shape – word mat
Shapes in a Bag
2D What am I – Shape Properties (Powerpoint)
3D shape – word mat
Colour by 2D Shapes
Shape pictures


Early Years Learning – Week Beginning 29th June
Literacy Resources – 29th June
Dinosaurs Simple Sentence Writing
Dinosaur themed pencil control – activity booklet
Dinosaurs – early writing activities
Dinosaurs – writing stimulus picture
multiples for booklet images
Make Your Own Dinosaur – Mini Booklet narrow lined
Make Your Own Dinosaur – Mini Booklet Colour – Wide Lines
Dinosaur Factfile Worksheets
Project Resources – 29th June
Dinosaur sorting recording sheet
Coping Toolbox
Our Feelings Diary
Ways to Feel Better
Dinosaur movement cube
Dinosaur Sorting
Dinosaur themed mindfulness colouring pages
Maths Resources – 29th June
Addition and subtraction dinos
Estimating capacity
Holds more or less
Bucket ordering capacity
Extension, Addition and Subtraction Dinos


Early Years Learning – Week Beginning 22nd June
Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs – Stick Puppets
Literacy Learning
Make your own bucket full of…
Dino labelling activity
museum display ideas
writing sentence prompts
Dinosaur Page – half lined
Dino wanted poster
Maths Learning
Measuring length dinosaurs pictures
Addition and Subtraction Word problems
Measuring with a ruler
Dinosaurs dot to dot sheets
Measuring with cubes – dinosaurs themed activity mat
Measuring dinosaurs activity
Build a shape dinosaur activity
Project Resources
CREATE Dinosaur egg NHM instructions
dinoegg template
Feelings Chart
dino footprint stencils
Labelled Dinosaur Cut-Outs
Dino fossil art
Large dinosaur cutouts
The Dance of the Dinosaurs Pattern Sheets



Early Years Learning – Week Beginning 15th June
Bubble Timetable week 3
Project Resources – 15th June
Cockrel Painting idea
Mothers and Their Young Farm Animals – matching activity
What Am I – farm animals guessing game
Handprint Pig Craft Instructions
Where do different farm animals live – matching activity
Handprint Goat Craft Instructions
Whole Class Farm Animals What Am I – interactive game powerpoint
Handprint Chicken With Chicks Craft Instructions
Paper Plate Sheep Craft Instructions
Literacy Resources – 15th June
Favourite part of the story
Thought bubbles – Farmer Duck
Farmer letter format
Make your own zig zag book
Farmer And Duck – Colouring Sheets
Chore list
Farmer Duck – Pictures from story
Farmer And Duck Powerpoint
Handwriting phrases
Maths Resources – 15th June
Farm I Spy and Count Activity to 20
Forfeit Cards – Pack 3
Problem Pack 1
Problem Pack 2
Addition and subtraction sums on number line
Word Problems – match the calculations to the problem
Activity Sheet Theo Thinks Again
Addition and subtraction sums on number line
Activity Sheet Helping Farmer James
Early Years Learning – Week Beginning 8th June
Wide Lined
Little Red Hen – story review writing frames
The Little Red Hen – Read and Draw Worksheet
Little Red Hen – Storyboard template
Little Red Hen – Speech bubbles activity sheets

Farm subtraction stories
Sharing chickens b&w
Subtraction animals Independent activity 2 star
Subtraction animals Independent activity 1 star
The Little Red Hen shares her bread
Halving Food



Afternoon Activities
Chicken life cycle
Farm animal Sorting
Real image Little Red Hen
What am I Farm riddles
Farm Animal sorting
Food Origins matching game



The Owl & The Pussycat – Week Beginning 8th June

O&P Subtraction Pack 1
O&P Subtraction Pack 2
O&P Subtraction Pack 3
Forfeit Cards – Pack 2
Some words related to subtraction



Early Years Learning – Week Beginning 1st June
Farm animal movement cards
Farm Shopping List
Pig in the Pond Story Sequencing
Pig in the Pond Stick Puppets
Pig in the Pond Book Review
Pig Shelters
Double Ducks to 20 (Addition Board Game)
Float or Sink activity sheet
Doubling Number Shapes to 10 (Activity Sheet)
Addition to 10 Numberline (Worksheets)
Doubling Activities
Number Shape Doubles to 14 (Activity Sheet)
Salt Dough Recipe

The Owl & The Pussycat Game

Letter to parents – Maths Home Learning Week Beginning 1st June
Game Board
Forfeit Cards – Pack 1
Dice Net
Addition 1-20
Caterpillar Number line 1-30
Addition 1-10
100 square
Challenge Addition Pack 100 square
Owl Game Rules
Addition Words



Early Years Learning – Week Beginning 18th May
Blank Riddles
Minibeast Poems
Minibeast Riddles
Early Years Learning – Week Beginning 11th May
Early Years Learning – Week Beginning 4th May
Early Years Learning – Week Beginning 27th April
Early Years Learning – Week beginning 20th April 2020
EYFS Learning
EYFS Parents Pages – Elmer and In the Garden






Reading Journal Check – Every Tuesday

PE – Thursday (children to come to school in their PE kits)

Show & Tell Day – Thursday

Early Years to Year 1 Transition meeting – Tuesday 7th July @ 7.00pm